We provide year round outside services and offer spring cleanup including debris, leaf removal. We can blowout bushes and touch up parking lots. Storm damage cleanup is also available.

Decorative Edging

We can cut and edge to prune crisp lines around trees and flowerbeds. We provide mulching services as well.


We provide a maintained manicured look to hearty growth bushes during season. We can also prune your flowering seasonal shrubs and cut them back after they are through the blooming season and safe from insects.

We like to meet with customers to let them choose and control the pruning process based on their specific needs.

Mowing & Trimming

We are proud to provide a controlled approach to mowing. Our customers will tell you, we do not over-cut when conditions are extreme, but we do ensure that your property is groomed and well maintained.


Mulching is a natural way to help weed prevention and offers a decorative presentation. We can re-do old beds, create new ones and provide alternative designs and colors for your landscapes.

Fall Cleanup

Finish the season right with a cleanup of turf, beds, and parking areas. We can complete the tasks to prepare you for a good-looking next season.

Weed Control

We have excellent alternatives for weed control and continued seasonal prevention.

Aeration / Dethatching

We have additional related services available.

Rotatilling / Edging


Installation and design of patios, walkways, and brick edging.


Staining light repair and pressure washing of cedar fencing and refurbishing of weathered decks. Call us to look at that old deck before you replace it.

Retainer Walls

Installation, replacement and design of decorative and structural walls. We work with natural stone and locking manufactured block walls. We can discuss erosion controls and drainage of areas.

Sod and Plantings

Removal of sod for beds, preparation and installation of sod and plantings.

Snow Removal

We have built a reputation fo safe, professional plowing services in the Madison area. Click here for more information on our Snow Removal Services.